Lagos Forensic Symposium (LFS) is an international scientific symposium focused on forensics. LFS is held annually in Lagos, the largest and most populated city in Nigeria and Africa. The first meeting was held in 2016.

The core mission of LFS is to bring forensic scientists and other stakeholders to Lagos to discuss local, regional and global crime trends, and exchange state-of-the-art information on how Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid (DNA) and other forensic methods are applied in different parts of the world to support criminal investigations, law enforcement and the justice system.

LFS will provide a unique destination in Africa where leading forensic scientists will interact and exchange knowledge, while enlightening, educating and training indigenous stakeholders and emerging forensic scientists.

Each LFS features leading experts with cognate experience in different aspects of forensics, including, criminal investigations, DNA, crime scene processing, judiciary, court issues, legislative issues, law enforcement, education, advocacy, victim protection and the press. LFS is open to anyone with an interest in forensic science and law enforcement.


LFS is specifically organized to provide up-to-date information, education and training in forensic science. The goal is to educate, enlighten, train and encourage buy-in by all practitioners and stakeholders, to enhance and facilitate the application of modern forensic methods in the criminal justice system and law enforcement.

Scientific Program

The scientific program consists of lectures, presentations, workshops  and case studies that will help the target audience appreciate the power of modern forensic methods, and how this can be relevant in criminal and civil investigations.

Target Audience

LFS is directed at Judges, Magistrates, Lawyers and Legislators, Law Enforcement, Prosecutors, Defence Attorneys, Forensic Scientists, Medical Personnel, Emergency responders, Fire Brigade, Victim Service Providers, Students and the Press.

Continuing Education Certificate

LFS faculty will be world renowned and accredited in different aspects of forensics. A certificate of attendance will be issued to all registered participants. Ultimately, LFS will partner with a reputable international forensic science association so that people who attend LFS will also receive continuing education credits.

Organizing Institutions

LFS is organized by The Lagos State Government, The Lagos State DNA & Forensic Center (LSD&FC), GIZ, German Embassy, Abuja and ITSI -Biosciences, LLC, Johnstown, PA USA.